About the journal

The Commissioner for Patient’s Rights, as a central organ of government administration competent in matters concerning the protection of patients’ rights, within the framework of its competencies conducts explanatory proceedings in individual cases and prepares systemic statements addressed to public authorities. Importantly, the Commissioner also develops and publishes publications and educational programmes popularising knowledge on the protection of patient rights.

The year 2021 has been declared the Year of Patient Safety in the Bureau of the Commissioner for Patient’s Rights. Accordingly, intensive activities were carried out due to the scale of incoming signals, largely related to the ongoing state of the epidemic. Although the Year of Patient Safety has come to an end, the coming years will pose further challenges in the area of patient safety.

Taking advantage of the Commissioner competence and capacity, a decision was made to establish  an academic journal focusing on patient safety issues.

The topics of the articles will focus on issues related to patient safety in i.a. medicine, management, law and health science. The journal will be published online and in a limited number of paper editions.  Articles will be published in bilingual version – in English and Polish, twice a year.

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